ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT PR for profitability

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Thanks for joining. If you're an entrepreneur and would like to triple your media visibility...

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Here’s the truth: Most companies don’t understand how PR can amount to revenue.

It’s true, PR is somewhat an illusive bird to track. It has always been a struggle for companies to measure results and quantify its contribution to business objectives.

Mainly, how does PR equal dollars and cents?

Take this for example:

  • A client of mine launched a Kickstarter campaign with the hopes of raising $150,000. After landing stories in over 30 top-tier media outlets, the company ended up raising over $473,000 and received a subsequent round of funding.

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  • Another client experienced a 500% increase in sales within ONE YEAR of launching its PR initiatives. Company awareness increased by 300% as demonstrated through unsolicited media inquiries and sales opportunities.

Dollar for dollar, public relations is the best investment a company can make to generate awareness about its products and services.

Inside my various programs and courses, I will show you how to develop a strategic PR plan.

Better yet....

I will show you how to:  

  • Write an attention grabbing press release

  • Effectively pitch the media

  • How to handle interviews

  • Crisis communications tactics; and 

  • The vital PR mistakes to avoid...

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